Hello helloooooo

It’s been so long and I even forgot how to post here lol. I’ve been very busy (still am) but wanted to just share a few photos and wish everyone a very happy new year! Better late than never.

I’ll come back soon with poetry and my hair update.

Much love 😘


The story

Wedding rings

~The story~

From two worlds of opposite poles

Were destined to each other two souls

Awakened by some matching strike of energy

Our journey began as written over a century


We were to survive the following tasks

In a world full of people wearing masks

Enduring the threats of hostile eyes

And traversing storms large as the sky

Mapping through unfriendly crowds with a burden

Of moments as if the last breath was already taken.

We wept, we screamed, as bits of faith departed

Our hearts weakened, yet gracefully enchanted

Were kept alive by the signals of a distant flame

The love that knew to defy time with no shame

Destiny remained unchanged

For we were long promised


After the vicious journey

Fate was reached in clarity

Your familiar face rushed in and out of my dream

As reality revealed you at the echo of my final scream

The force that pierced our bodies

Universally projected our images

Two silhouettes prepared for unity

Merged, creating the perfect love for eternity

Laugh, live, love and laugh some more

I find this sketch mighty hilarious, so I am sharing it with you. Once a while, I post just about anything that lifts my spirit. I have read a lot of negative comments regarding the script as many said that we (Christians) shouldn’t make our prophet’s story into a joke. Nonetheless, I appreciate the message circulated through this video and I learned a valuable lesson. I hope it tickles your sense of humor as much as it did to mine. Laugh, live, love, & laugh some more…and be careful what you wish for! God bless ❤


My mom ~ Ma maman



My mother’s protective style!
My sweet mom, one of my greatest inspirations. We don’t have the same hair type but I often copy her tips like a good daughter lol. She loves to braid her hair with threads and always lovely styles. She is also my hairdresser since my childhood. Besides her and myself, no one is allowed to do my hair. Lots of courage to all mothers who have adult daughters like me! :-p


La coiffure protectrice de ma maman!
Ma tendre maman, l’une de mes plus grandes inspirations. Nous n’avons pas le même type de cheveux mais je copie souvent ses astuces comme une bonne fille lol. Elle aime se tresser avec le fil et toujours des jolis modèles. Elle est aussi ma coiffeuse depuis mon enfance. Apart elle et moi-même, personne n’est autorisé à me coiffer. Beaucoup de courage à toutes les mamans qui ont des filles adulte comme moi! :-p

Eid Mubarak ~ Blessed Celebration


On this holiday, I am home and having a  me time on the patio watching my favorite cartoon movie CHICKEN RUN (lol don’t judge). A much needed thing to do even though my brain keeps hearing my textbooks screaming “come back soon”. Yup, I’ve gone that much insane but until I hit the switch, I am having this moment. Just wanted to share that peace with you on this day.


God bless us, always.